Thursday, October 25, 2012

SOLD! Kia Ora Cap

I can sense a theme developing here... 

not that I want to be ‘pigeon-holed’ as if this is all I can do (ie. cashing in on people’s familiarity with known brands and adapting them to a particular audience), but a sale’s a sale and this kind of thing seems to be what people are buying lately.

so why not?

“Kia Ora” 

means “Hello” and is a common greeting amongst the New Zealand Maori people. 
Yet interestingly the first sale of this cap was made to somebody in Japan.

A common complaint heard in NZ is that its residents leave its shores in droves in favour of living elsewhere in the world. I reckon a few of them must be missing home.

If you want one of these caps, visit my Zazzle site here... Kia Ora cap

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Artist’s Impression

From time to time I get asked to produce artist’s impressions, usually involving architecture of some kind which is designed to be used for promotional purposes.

This time it was a builder who approached me with a photo of a Sleepout he built. (A sleepout is a cabin about 3 metres square, designed for sleeping, but can also be used as a utility room like an office or painting studio, etc).

Auckland is facing a housing shortage at the moment so he came up with the bright idea of catering to a particular niche by building low cost sleepouts for anyone who has a bit of space in their back yard. He wanted to put together a little brochure, and he obviously recognised the importance of presentation so hence the need for an artist’s impression of how this would look in somebody’s garden.

The sleepout he'd built had a single door and separate window in the front, but he wanted to show one with a ranch slider in a nice garden setting, making it look more “homely”.

So this is what I came up with for him...

He was more than happy with it — and so was I. 

Hopefully he’ll now get plenty of orders for his Sleepouts. 
Click the following link to see another example of an artist’s impression I’ve done.