Friday, September 20, 2013

“Ye Auld Mug” T-Shirt

New Zealand has been abuzz with America’s Cup fever this week as we inch closer to what every New Zealander hopes will be the second time we successfully challenge for the cup.

So to get in the spirit of things I decided to create a souvenir t-shirt for all those supporters either at home or abroad who want to remember this awesome event in their own special way.

I have designed it so that the text can be customised creating a unique one-of-a-kind souvenir that allows you to put your own personal stamp on the experience. While the default text reads “OFFICIAL NEW ZEALAND SUPPORTER” this can be customised to read whatever you want it to say

It seems everybody has a comment to make on the subject and now you can too with your own “Ye Auld Mug” souvenir t-shirt.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Historic Taverns Inspire New Ideas for Artworks

One subject that seems to lend itself quite well to HDR photography is historic architecture. There are several historic buildings I’ve seen on my travels, that whenever I pass them I think about how I’d love to capture them in all their glory and turn them into a work of art for others to enjoy... like the Paeroa Hotel for example which I passed on the road on a nice sunny day recently.

These old buildings are a reminder of a by-gone era. Perhaps that’s why, for me they ellicit such emotion when I see them. I’ve applied a subtle painterly texture to this photo which may only be properly appreciated when viewed at full size on a stretched canvas print.

Click here if you’d like to purchase a Paeroa Hotel Stretched Canvas Print.


While I was about it, I decided to try again to capture the Northcote Tavern, another historic building in my local area. But this time I wanted to see how it might look being turned into a badge or graphic with a bit of typography added.

If you’ve read much on this blog you will know how I can’t help myself doing this. All those years spent doing Graphic Design for labels and logos probably. But who knows, perhaps others will share my love of these old buildings and be tempted to wear a souvenir t-shirt with their image on them.

Click here if you want to purchase a Northcote Tavern T-shirt 

I’m happy to do commissions too if you have something particular in mind. Feel free to leave a comment below.