Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Painting

Muriwai Beach – Painting

I love Muriwai beach. It’s such a rugged place. It’s one of Auckland’s famous west coast beaches. Places like this are just begging to be captured on canvas so I’m pleased to be able to make this print available for sale on SmugMug. 

SmugMug is a great place to buy and sell photography and other creative artworks. They have a good range of products including framed, mounted or stretched canvas prints. 


  1. Wow!!! A painting. I thought it was a photo. Amazing work Dave

  2. To tell the truth Tony it started off as a photo. But I applied a painting texture to it on the computer to give the impression it was painted. It may be a bit hard to tell at it’s current size, but it’s designed to blow up quite large which is when you can see a whole lot of little brush strokes.