Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kakapo Merchandising

Conservation is on a lot of people’s minds these days and extraordinary efforts are being made to save a whole host of endangered species throughout the earth. Understandably, the people involved in trying to save them have become very passionate about the task at hand. I met somebody recently who’s involved in trying to save the NZ Kakapo.

The Kakapo is one such example on the endangered species list with only about 40 adult birds surviving in the wilds of New Zealand. Known as the “owl parrot” due to it’s nocturnal habits, it’s virtually flightless. Being extremely fat probably doesn’t help — some adult birds can weigh up to 3kg.

As a bird lover myself I find them really cute, not that I’ve seen one up close — such an experience would be a real privilege. So what better subject for a new range of merchandising items than the NZ KAKAPO. Hopefully there will be others out there who feel the same way as I do and are moved to get their hands on one of these items.

See more Kakapo items on my Zazzle site here: NZ Kakapo souvenirs

Purchase Cap: NZ Kakapo Cap
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  1. Arthur's Pass in the South Island is one of the best places (and easiest) places to spot a Kea up close ...in fact you'll probably be shouting and waving your arms try to scare them off as they try and steal the rubber off your car windows and windscreen wipers LOL.
    Cool Blog!

  2. Oops, I'm messing up the comments and Duh sorry wiped the first part of my comment (???)

    Kakapo are really cute but if you want a creative idea for tee-shirts why not go for the Kea? They also have the "cute factor" are colourful and would make a great illustration, especially for kids.

  3. Hello Kiwidutch. Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks too for your suggestion on the Kea design. I have thought about the kea before so will see what I can dream up.

    As for Arthur's Pass, what a spectacularly rugged place to visit. I've only been there once but unfortunately did not see any Keas. I must visit there again, next time with a decent camera.